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Hello and welcome. Please read before our session!

Here on bitwine I offer empath readings, reiki, and manifestation/spiritual life coaching.

Being empathic, I have the gift to explain how someone truly feels about you, others, or a situation as well as why they feel that way. This is read in the current energy—and I do confirm with tarot and/or lenormand. This insight is very helpful when you’re wanting to know whats going on behind the scenes. Additionally I can connect to potentials for what is coming up. However please understand I am not a reader that predicts in absolutes, I believe that there are many paths and so if you are looking for set predictions 40 years from now, I am not the reader for you!

Additionally I have studied manifestation and spiritual life coaching methods as well as I am a reiki practitioner and can channel healing.

Please be aware I do not read on legal, medical, nor I do provide time frames, thank you for understanding!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

SUICIDE HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255


Payment is for my time only and does not represent a guarantee of any outcome. All readings are for guidance/entertainment purposes only. You alone are responsible for your perceptions and decisions. No foreseen outcome should be taken as a guarantee. There are no refunds, no free readings, no free questions offered by me. I report all abuse and fraudulent behavior to bitwine. I also will report any transcripts to paypal in the event of a chargeback as well as you will be liable for any charges given to me by your chargeback. I absolutely do not provide refunds period.


I do use the 3 minutes of complimentary introduction as a time to connect in about 1 minute of meditation, as well as gain background information from you as that is the most timely way to proceed due to the nature of it being a live reading. If you decline to pay after the 3 minutes, you will be blocked. I DO NOT PROVIDE FREE READINGS.

Please set notifications to alert when I am online however keep in mind the notifications do not always function properly!


If you leave a negative review, or inform me that I am not accurate, I reserve the right to no longer read with you as I wish to provide accurate consultations. Please only return if I resonate with you. I will block you if you call me names or engage in psychic testing. If I feel like I cannot connect to whats going on with you, I will tell you. I am always honest in what I pick up. Please do not order a reading until you are emotionally prepared for the information as it may not be what you want to hear. However I do try my best to explain what I pick up in a tactful manner.

I am unable to offer appointments for the time being for live readings! Thank you for understanding! <3 I do try to post on my profile when I am certain I will be able to log on, however there are also times I am able to log on sporadically with no notice so my times will not always be posted.

My inbox is not monitored due to the amount of messages I simply am unable to always reply, as well as the notifications can be hit or miss! There are also glitches at times and my messages will not send. I’m sorry! Thank you for your patience!

Sending you all lots of good energy, and many blessings <3

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